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One of the greatest privileges that comes with adulthood is also one of life’s greatest responsibilities. Green Light Driving School provides superlative professional driver education for the safest driving skills.
34 N. Island Avenue
Suite E
IL, 60510
Phone: 630-879-7700
Green Light Driving School
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Basic driving techniques are important skills necessary for anyone who wants to drive a car on our state highways. At the Green Light Driving Schools of Illinois, qualified professional driver education instructors provide extensive training in all of the skills involved in operating a motor vehicle.

Students are given thorough instruction in all of the rules of the road, including the state laws and regulations mandating vehicle operations. At these reputable driver education facilities, students are taught basic automotive maintenance and the parts of the car. Students learn proper methods of steering, backing up and changing lanes, parallel parking, three point turnarounds and entering or exiting an expressway.

Training is focused on defensive driving techniques and proper procedures for handling emergency situations and driving in adverse weather conditions. Classroom training is thorough and intensive, and behind the wheel training demonstrates all the procedures explained in class. When completing your course of instruction at the Green Light Driving School, you will have the skills and capabilities for a lifetime of safe driving.

Green Light Driving School  Since 1997, our certified driving professionals have provided Illinois residents with the skills and confidence to be the safest drivers on the road.