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The Skowhegan Driving School offers professional driver education for commercial driving licenses, teen driver’s education and motorcycle safety training. You will receive outstanding driving instruction from skilled professional driving instructors.
206 Water Street
Ste. 1
ME, 04976
Phone: 207-474-8524, 800-281-0067
Skowhegan Driving School
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As our highways become ever more congested with traffic and more and more vehicles are being purchased daily, it becomes increasingly important for all drivers to possess safe driving skills. At the Skowhegan Driving School, individuals will be trained in all of the techniques and maneuvers that are involved in driving a motor vehicle, whether it be car, truck, motorcycle or bus. Skowhegan Driving School offers professional driver education for individuals wishing to obtain a Class A or B Commercial Driving License. As one of the most stable careers in our economy, truck driving is an excellent skill that can gain you a lifetime of steady employment and job security.

Skowhegan Driving School also provides Teen Driver’s Education. Every new young driver that pulls out onto our highways needs thorough training in safe driving, and the instructors at this school are devoted to doing everything possible to teach new drivers the rules and skills of safe driving. Motorcycle safety class is also provided. Contact Skowhegan Driving School today for more information.

Skowhegan Driving School  Professional driver education