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Give your teenage son or daughter the very best advantages when they are first getting behind the wheel. Mullen’s Driving Schools of Maine offer excellent professional driver education classes.
104 Tandberg Trail
ME, 04062
Phone: 207-892-8851, 800-595-9070
Mullens Driving School
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One of the best gifts you can give your teenager is not a brand new car – it’s professional driving lessons from a top notch driving school. Mullen’s Driving Schools give your teen the benefits of thorough training in safety and operations of a motor vehicle.

Highly trained professional driving instructors will provide young drivers – or rehabilitating adult drivers- with all of the necessary skills and abilities to safely drive a vehicle on the highways of Maine. Students are thoroughly instructed regarding the precise rules and regulations of driving on our state’s highways, and are given this information in an interesting manner that helps them retain the knowledge.

Parents are welcome to participate in their teen’s driver education at Mullen’s Driving Schools, by meeting instructors, auditing classes, asking questions and even riding along during on the road lessons if desired. Mullen’s Driving Schools will provide the proper training so that your teen is able to pass their driver’s license exam with flying colors, and the skills to drive safely on the highways.

Mullens Driving School  Professional Driver Education