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Haman’s Driving School was founded by Thomas Haman in 1952 and has to its credit an impressive list of driver training FIRSTS including: FIRST full time driving school in Chattanooga, FIRST to teach the National Safety Council’s Defensive Driving Course. FIRST to offer driver training to the handicapped, FIRST to teach a safe motorcycle operators course, FIRST to teach the DrivTec Collision Avoidance Techniques.
3641-D Brainerd Road
TN, 37411
Phone: 423-894-9300
Haman`s Driving School
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Haman’s Driving School offers EXCELLENT teen driving course.

If you are at least age 15, or will be 15 within a month or two, you are eligible to enroll in our driver education course. You do not need a learner's permit to begin the classroom phase, but you must be at least age 15, to begin the in-car portion of your program. The classroom training will prepare you for your in-car lessons. Each classroom session is an individual unit of instruction, so scheduling is flexible.

Avoid the wait at DMV
Haman’s New Drivers is an approved participant in the TN Dept. of Safety’s Cooperative Driver Testing Program. Students who are eligible by state requirements can take the TN knowledge test (required for a Class PD learner’s permit), in our classroom, and the driving test (for a Class D driver’s license) is available to those meeting testing standards and state licensing requirements. *The exam center reserves the right to re-test any person tested by a 3rd party facility.

This is the exciting part! Now our students see the hard work from their classroom training pay off as they master car control, develop pride in their ability to read and respond to the traffic scene and see how their goal of DRIVING COLLISION FREE FOR LIFE can be achieved. In car lessons are scheduled individually with each student during the student's free time. Lessons are scheduled from one of our convenient locations and each appointment is two hours in length.

If you wish you had the freedom and convenience a driver's license can give you, we'll help make your wish come true! We will help you every step of the way. If you're an absolute beginner or just need a little brush up, we can teach you faster and better than anyone else.
Each private lesson is for 2 hours of instruction, in a dual-controlled car, meeting at one of our convenient locations, or 1 1/2 hours, when we meet you at your home or work, within our local teaching area. You may take as many lessons as you desire.

Haman`s Driving School  We offer an easy payment plan and the MOST EXPERIENCED instructors in the business of driver training.